Start your label

If you are interested in developing a Label, we can help you create, implementing or enhance your safer party label.

According to the needs and taking into account your specificities, based on a demand analysis and, if necessary, on field observation, we could:

  • support mobilization of the relevant stakeholders through showing that “things are possible”
  • help in the needs assessment. See the opportunity of creating a label or charter in your region or city
  • share practices in the field of safer nightlife projects based on the experiences of our members
  • support the process of creating a quality label or charter by :
    • Showing different partnerships options & explaining different label or charter options
    • Support the stakeholders in recognizing their strengths and potentials
    • Etc.

We are very flexible and our support could take many different concrete forms:

  • Expert visit in your city made up of formal presentation to your partners, discussion meeting with managers, training sessions, field observation. These activities will help you to build your partnership, to assess your needs and resources, to define your priorities and strategy, to prepare the implementation of your project, to design your evaluation. The expert can provide you in recommendations for your project
  • Study visits at existing safer nightlife labels or charters to observe how they work
  • Seminars to exchange good practices and tools between existing and emerging labels and charters
  • Sharing information through our newsletters, guidelines, PWP presentations, etc.

If you are interested, please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it