Safer Clubbing standards

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Safer Clubbing differs between Basic and Premium member. Every member club has to implement specific standards according to their category. Audits by a neutral institution take places every year and observe if standards are met.

  • 1. Comfort

The location must provide a reasonable number of seats.

  • 2. Information

Costumer will have access to specific information material on legal or illegal drugs and HIV/Aids.

  • 3. Trained staff

In minimum club owner, main bartender or bouncers of every member club are trained every year. Training topics are addressed to the risk of party drugs and alcohol, dealing with verbal aggression as well as first aid.

  • 4. Water

Drinking water must be provided free of charge either at the bar or at the restrooms.

  • 5. Beverages

A selection of two non alcoholic beverages must be cheaper than the cheapest alcoholic beverage.

  • 6.  Condom machine

Condoms must be provided to both genders.

  • 7. Earplugs

Earplugs must be available free of charge.

  • 8. First aid

A specific selection of First-Aid material must be at the location.

  • 9. Safety

Member-Clubs are obligated to ban violence or drug dealing from there venue. To ban persons who violated club rules massively Safer Clubbing is running a specific database.


2. Extra services

In order to maintain the label and to assure a good communication base with relevant nightlife stakeholders, Safer Clubbing operates in each region (section) a participatory platform. Participants of this Round Table’s are:

  • public administration (public health, youth, culture, tourism)
  • First-Aid Services
  • nightlife industry (Club Owners, Party Promoters, safety association)
  • local and regional Police

Safer Clubbing also initiate campaigns for relevant topics of Nightlife in order to sensibiliser party guest and to reduce negative impact of related problems.