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On the one hand, there are basic compulsory services, essential in obtaining the Label, but additional services will make the venue an even safer place for partygoers

Six basic services

personnel 1. Staff awareness session

A minimum of 50% of staff members in contact with the public (barmen, barmaids, usher/usherettes, bouncers, restroom attendants) will follow this awareness session (introduction to first aid, to managing conflicts, to health problems linked to the use of lawful or unlawful substances, to sound level damages and to harm reduction, etc.)

brochures 2. Health information

IProvision of information about health matters related to nightlife: love and sex, road safety, hearing damages, medical and emergency numbers, etc.

prservatifs 3. Condoms supply

Condoms will be provided at reasonable prices and available at an automatic booth or by the restroom attendant, the bar staff, .. In any case, visibility of the service is important.

eau 4. Free of charge fresh water

Cold free-of-charge fresh water is offered. The service is accessible and clearly indicated to the public, either by placing water fountains, or by checking at the bar, or in the restrooms (the latter must be free-of-charge also).

bouchons 5. Sound level

Ear plugs will be available at reasonable price, and/or the placement of a sound level limiter (constant 90dB max) will be envisaged. Venues are signing up to limit as much as possible risks of hearing damages for their public. On the dance floor or near the stage, they may place a visible line on the floor to indicate possible hearing damage risks to anyone standing too close to the speakers.

alertes 6. Early warnings

Distribution of early warning messages, in case of proved circulation of high risk psychoactive substances, by means of posters and flyers. These messages contain information and harm reduction advice. This is within the framework of a European « early warning » system.


Six additional services

The label also encourages organizers to introduce other measures for the wellbeing of their clients. Wheelchair access, a chill out room, a menu of non-alcoholic cocktails (min. 3), stands with information about reducing risks linked to the use of drugs, road safety,  urgent medical help system, etc.

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