Quality Nights Principles

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Like any label, Quality Nights offers a guarantee. In this case, it consists of 6 compulsory health-related services offered by each venue.

For the labialized venue, this is an agreement to implement the services, make sure they are visible and keep them operating efficiently.

To be a Quality Nights label member is a choice. It is not imposed by law or rule. On the contrary, it has been imagined and conceived to operate on a voluntary basis, in partnership with organizers or managers who wish to be involved in the project.

How it operates

Any nightlife venue can be labialized if it complies with the Quality Nights compulsory services. In practice, this means the Local Operator (N.G.O's) takes responsibility for the follow-up and control of these services. As a result, requests for label membership are identified and measured, entailing that all venues may not join at the same time.

Each labelized venue is recognizable by its post at the entrance. Services offered will be advertised by pictograms. Certain venues will offer additional services, which explain why pictos may differ from one place to another. These pictograms will also be displayed in the area where the service is offered. For instance, « free of charge fresh water » will be displayed at the bar, in the washrooms, wherever the operator might think fit.