Quality Nights Objectives

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As a general rule, Quality Nights aims to bring about partygoers’ wellbeing.

The main objectives are:

- Creating an environment conductive of well-being amongst partygoers;

 - Involve venues in paying attention to their public’s health;

- Making partygoers aware of the risks they are taking and empowering them with harm reduction means.

 More precisely, Quality Nights aims to:

- promote the health and wellbeing of partygoers by reminding general health advice pertaining to the nightlife scene;

- reduce risks of hearing damage due to sound level, by offering the public brochures and ear plugs, together with making sound engineers aware of sound level implications;

- reduce risks of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, by raising public awareness through brochures about love and sex, and offering condoms at reasonable prices.

- reduce risks linked to the use of legal and illegal substances, by raising public awareness through information and harm reduction material.

- reduce risks of violence, through staff training on how to handle conflicts.