Quality Nights


Quality Nights is a health promotion label which aims at reducing risks pertaining to nightlife scenes. How? By improving nightlife settings, such as the way clubbers are welcomed into the venues but also by providing them information, advices and material to reduce risks. Partygoers as well as the party’s venue management have both responsibilities in keeping the festive events, festive.

Modus Vivendi is Quality Nights’ coordinator in the French speaking part of Belgium and VAD is Flanders.

The term « harm reduction » is mentioned quite often: it means any non-judgmental action that will contribute to reduce risks taken by partygoers, whether linked to drugs consumption, road safety, sexual relations, noise pollution, etc. Psychoactive substances use is one element amongst others. The aim is not to lecture partygoers, only to suggest how to reduce harm they might inflict upon themselves while partying.

Website: www.qualitynights.be

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