Q de festa! principles

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Like any label, Q de festa! offers a guarantee. In this case, it consists of 6 compulsory health-related services offered by each club or party.

For the club or party, this is an agreement to implement the services, make sure they are visible and keep them operating efficiently.

To be a Q de festa! label member is a choice, it is not imposed by law. On the contrary, it has been imagined and conceived to operate on a voluntary basis, in partnership with organizers or managers who wish to be involved in the project.

Actually, the label itself is the public image of a frame project that aims to create a network of organizations related to nightlife to improve public health policies in the field of leisure night.

In order to implement and maintain the label, Q de festa! creates in each city a participatory platform that involves the different agents related to nightlife:

  • public administration (public health, youth, culture, tourism)
  • nightlife industry (club owners, party promoters, unions, federations)
  • local and regional Police
  • social and cultural associations and institutions (NGO, volunteering).

This platform works together with to encourage and give support to the clubs for the implementation of the label. Once the label is launched with the participation of some of the clubs of the city, the platform can decide to carry on other nightlife improvement actions beyond the label, adapted to the specific city nightlife needs.