Q de festa! Basic Services

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Q de festa! has certain services that are considered to be basics. These basic services are the ones that have to be offered in order to be part of the label.

1. infosalut1. Info Health

The club or party has information stands with leaflets providing information about health related issues (drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.).

2. personalformat2. Training staff

The club or party staff (barmen, barmaids, usher/usherettes, bouncers, restroom attendants) receive training and awareness about health, risk reduction and prevention.

3. infoalcoholemia3. Info alcohol

The club or party has resources aimed at preventing drink driving: Take-home resource for calculating blood/alcohol levels and/or Breathalyzer service (optional).

4. aiguafresca4. Water

Cold free-of-charge fresh water is offered, either by placing water fountains, or by checking at the bar, or in the restrooms.

5. infotransport5. Info transport

The club or party has detailed and up to date information about the nearest public transportation available.

6. preservatius6. Condom machine

The club or party provides condoms at an automatic machine or in other ways.