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Risky behaviours in party scene: Which framework? Which problems? Which nightlife professional practices? How to reduce harms?

Targeting the nightlife professionals, this interactive session is based on the experiences and needs expressed by the participants. The session addresses all the team of a nightclub (managers, barmen, security staff, Dj’s, technicians, cloakroom attendant, etc.) in order to create a group dynamic.

Trainers: Trainers from harm reduction associations and from the drug prevention unit of the police.


  • The legal framework and the responsibilities of the team as regards alcohol abuse, illicit drug use and drug trafficking. How to prevent these situations.
  • The harm reduction policy addressing the drug users or how to reduce drug and alcohol related harms.
  • The vulnerabilities linked to alcohol and illicit drugs uses. The role of the team in creating a safer environment reducing harms.
  • What are the risky behaviours observed by the team and what professional practices do they develop in order to reduce and manage crisis situations.
  • What are the needs of the team the project could respond (i.e. organisation of a self-help training, production of a specific leaflet like on GHB for gay scene).

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: free of charge for the night club (project subsidized by the local institutions).

Location: In the nightlife venue in order to check the environment.

These training sessions are organized to respond a request from a nightclub, a party organizer, etc. for its all team.