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3 years of Party +

The 3 years Party + experience was a great opportunity for all the participants to appreciate the interest of various nightlife stakeholders to promote high quality standards among nightlife venues ; to exchange between existing and emerging labels and charters in order to enhance very concretely our projects or launch the process of creating similar projects and to disseminate widely the idea of health promotion for partygoers and propose sustainable ways to offer partygoers and nightlife professionals the means to take care of themselves.

This is the end?

NEWIP EU funding is coming to an end in December 2013 but the Party + international association has already received the first application requests and will organize a General assembly early 2014. Within this new organization, the members will keep on promoting the idea of safer party labels and charter and stay available to help new emerging projects; keep on exchanging practices and tools, keep on developing european recognition for safer nightlife labels and charters and keep on developing innovative approaches to implement health promotion and harm-reduction in nightlife.

A few outcomes

During the first 3 years of Party +, we already achieved quite a lot. Just a few figures:

370 participants from 16 different EU countries participated to our different Info sessions and 3 seminars regrouped 95 participants from 20 countries. Hundreds of guidelines "10 things you shoud know for implementing a safer nightlife label“ have been distributed and a Good practice Standards has just been finalised to be widely distributed. Each year, more than 7 millions partygoers are benefiting from health services in the nightlife venues members of Party +. Those venues distributed 361 000 drug information leaflets and over 100 000 earplugs and 60 000 condoms per year. Since January 2011, more than 1300 nightlife staff members were trained in the nightlife venues members of Party +. 92 % of those considers that the training has improved their professional skills to respond to health related crisis situations. Our website contains the references of the 160 nightlife venues members of Party+ and makes available many interesting documents. During the 3 years of the project, Party + concretely helped the emergence of 4 new labels and charters and 13 different projects still in process.

If you are interested to become a member of Party + or if we can be of any help, please contact us.




qdefestaDiscover on video the “Plataforma Nits Q”, a workgroup gathering all the nightlife stakeholders to set up actions focusing on the improvement of the cities of Barcelona and Tarragona by night. This project presentation explains really well the process and the aims of implementing a safer party platform in your city or your region.



thisisyourqnnightQuality Nights has been implemented in 2 new French-speaking regions (Namur and Liège) and in 10 new venues. Now there are 51 clubs and 10 events associated to Quality Nights ! The health NGOs involved in the project followed a training given by the police to provide better information about club staff responsabilites in different cases. An evaluation of the knowledge of the labels and its services has been finished with interesting conclusions.

Quality Nights participated in a round table around a project of new law to limit sound level in night clubs. The Spiritek association integrated 7 new venues in their "Quality Bar" project. Quality Nights was represented in different events and seminars: one inviting party organizers, one about party culture and alcohol consumption, one on communication strategies (see bellow Fêtez Clairs), one about a new nightlife platform website... So many new opportunities to develop the project in 2014 !


newsfetezclairsFêtez Clairs has published a new leaflet untitled “My consumption, where can I evaluate it ?”. This leaflet describes what a “young user consultation” is and provides the contact details of these counseling services in Paris and around. Fêtez Clairs has produced a leaflet on hearing risk targeting the club staff members.

3 new nightlife organizations have signed the Fêtez Clairs charter: A night club (le Klub), a party organizer (Concrete) and a festival organizer (Vendôme Evénements / Marvellous Island).

On December 16-17, Fêtez Clairs took part in a seminar on new Communication strategies and tools for safer nightlife. Organized by the French Forum for Urban Safety, this seminar gathered stakeholders from Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Le Havre and Brussels as well as experts in the field of communication and New Information and Communication Technologies.


newssaferclubbingguidelineThe new strategy of building up local lobby systems such as the “Bar- and Club commission Zurich” in other cities in Switzerland is moving ahead. We are optimistic to achieve our goal that in 2014 we’ll see in most sections local lobby systems which will act as the local section of Safer Clubbing in the future.

The “Bar- und Club commission Zurich” is developing very well and the integration process has been terminated. A staff day with different training sessions was held in October. Over 120 club staff were participating and the event was a full success.

Normal association affairs are running smoothly. We further intensified our collaboration within the recent founded national organisation called “PromotorSuisse” as well as within Safer Nightlife Switzerland SNS.